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Bad emotions are good for you

Did you know that bad or negative emotions are actually good for you? Let me explain. We tend to try and avoid situations and scenarios where we end up feeling sad, anxious, or stressed. These emotions are deemed bad for us and our health after all. Well, there certainly is some truth in this, especially […]

Do people leave a company because of their manager and stay because of best friends?

There are so many reasons why people leave a job. For a lot, however, it’s because their managers didn’t show that they cared enough. As an example of this, I was recently in a training session with about 15 people and my trainer asked the audience why people in the room left their last job. […]

How to drive change in your workforce’s behaviour

OK, so the title was a bit of a red-herring. As we know, people aren’t puppets: …and thank goodness we aren’t. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have had Einstein, Shakespeare, Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs… however have you ever worked for a company where you might have felt, even just slightly, treated like a puppet? Have you […]

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