Success This Way - Meet Nik
Success This Way - Meet Nik

Meet Your Coach – Nik Moore

Nik Moore is a Trained & Certified Executive & Life Coach. Language & Behaviour (L.A.B.) Profile Practitioner, Multiple Brain Integration Technique (mBit) Coach & Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner.

Poor Team Culture?

Does Your Business Suffer From

Poor Team Culture?

Are you a manager, team leader or business owner who struggles with poor team motivation, whinging and even high staff turnover? Does your team “just not get” what you want?

Failing Goals & Profits?

Does Your Business Suffer From

Failing Goals & Profits?

Poorly motivated teams collaborate less, miss targets and quite simply, lose money. Lost opportunities and time-consuming firefighting all end up costing your business valuable income.

Unnecessary Stress?

Does Your Business Suffer From

Unnecessary Stress?

Snapping, judging and a lack of respect between colleagues causes everyone unneeded stress. How much time are you spending just “mopping up” the mess? This is not the way to succeed.

Motivated, Driven Teams

Business Coaching Creates

Motivated, Driven Teams

Understanding and creating great relationships with your co-workers and team members is the key to success in any business. Become a better leader and motivator and reap the rewards.

Smash Goals & Profits

Business Coaching Helps

Smash Goals & Profits

Invest in your skills to create agile, collaborative teams that drive themselves forward to achieve your goals. Every investment made here will multiply itself in profits and new opportunities.

Greater Wellbeing

Business Coaching Develops

Greater Wellbeing

Building better business relationships creates less friction between team members, less firefighting and tail-chasing and more wellbeing for everyone. Build a team that people want to be part of!

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Invest in Yourself & Your Team

Invest in Yourself & Your Team

Business coaching can be a catalyst for change. No one is beyond change and good leaders should always seek to evolve for the better. Change the trajectory of your future!

Learn to Listen, Motivate & Grow

Learn to Listen, Motivate & Grow

This Quick Wins course teaches the art of listening to others, asking great questions, engaging and connecting with people, and building your confidence as a leader.

How is The Coaching Delivered?

A Unique Blend of Digital, Group & 1-2-1 Coaching

28 Video Modules & Tasks

28 Video Modules & Tasks

Over 7 hours of clever, focused video modules and tasks designed to coach you at your own pace. View on a tv, laptop, tablet or phone at a time and location that suits your busy schedule.

Exclusive Group Coaching

Exclusive Group Coaching

Each month you will be invited to an exclusive “Master Class” coaching webinar. These interactive and vibrant sessions really help boost learning. Recordings are also made available if you cannot attend.

1-2-1 Coaching

1-2-1 Coaching

Over 90 days, your progress will be monitored by your personal coach. Through 1-2-1, virtual, coaching sessions we “profile” you so that your coaching is bespoke to your unique requirements.

What's in The Course?

Section One

Relationships – They Take Effort: Why Bother?

4 Video Modules / 54+ Minutes of Coaching + Tasks

In this module, you’ll be given an insight into why relationships are just so heavily linked, directly linked in fact, to the results that we get in life.

Poor relationships = likely poor results in life. Great relationships = potentially life-changing positive results.

And we start in this video by looking at the two things that motivate all human beings on the planet. Vital information to have when setting out to influence other people to connect better with you.

Run Time: 12:43 + Tasks

Just by buying this course proves that you have an intention to get change in your life. Fantastic news! Change = better results.

And in this video, you’ll discover that all change starts within you. If you do wish for better results in your life, then everything has to start with you.

Change yourself. Change the world around you.

Run Time: 7:24 + Tasks

In this module, we expose you to just some of the negative side effects that many people can experience when relationships deteriorate.

We talk about the obvious ones such as conflict and stress right through to the more obscure ones such as making lower profits, drinking too much, weight gain, or even a crumbling of self-belief.

Finally, within this one video, we build everything down to the one thing in all relationships that other people want from you. Pleasure!

Run Time: 18:11 + Tasks

Next up, the antithesis of the last video.

By the end of the next module, you’ll have an understanding of just how much your life could change all thanks to how much effort you invest into building stronger, more fruitful, more balanced relationships with other people.

It’s crucial knowledge to have for literally anyone who works in a team, irrespective of their position, but absolute gold dust for company owners, leaders, and managers alike.

Run Time: 16:06 + Tasks

Section Two

The Crucial Building Blocks of Relationship Building

3 Video Modules / 45+ Minutes of Coaching + Tasks

In this module, we give you some foundational knowledge regarding how to bring about change in your life.

We look at what hormones are involved in change, we introduce you to the power of the “unconscious brain” and then finally we give you some amazing information. Yes, the brain can be re-programmed.

Run Time: 16:08 + Tasks

In this module, we introduce you to reciprocation.

Reciprocation is present in all great relationships. And we can use reciprocation to get what we want from any given relationship.

Because when you invest in others and then wait, great results will thereafter come back to you.

Run Time: 18:03 + Tasks

If you take anything away from this course, this is it?

We talk you through "The Communications Model" in this video.

It explains beautifully how we all “tick” and knowing this can heavily influence how you go on to interact with other people in the future.

Run Time: 10:56 + Tasks

Section Three

Relationships – Building The Next Layer of Foundations

3 Video Modules / 36+ Minutes of Coaching + Tasks

In this module, we learn some profound knowledge about what might mess with another person’s outlook on life.

This is key information to have because the better we understand how external factors (such as comparing ourselves to others) can really mess with another person’s head, the better we can learn the skills to change our own approach in such a way as to really connect at a deeper level with another person.

Run Time: 12:13 + Tasks

We love being in groups. We might not even be aware that we actually belong to many of them.

But why do we need to know this?

Because we, as human beings, are “herd creatures”. We get safety, security, energy and even part of our identity belongs to various groups, and if you can set out, with conscious effort, to make another person feel included in any given group, they will love you for it.

Run Time: 12:01 + Tasks

In this module, you’ll be introduced to your very own “silent engine”.

The engine that’s inside you right now, that you’re not really aware of, but that still drives you forwards in life in terms of the decisions you make and the choices you take literally 24/7/365.

And in the world of coaching, all coaches will do a lot of work on the “silent engine” of the client. It’s where the most rapid change comes from - when you get it to “step up a gear.”

And you simply have to understand how the silent engine works if your intention is to influence another person/people in order to get them collaborating with you more.

Run Time: 12:41 + Tasks

Section Four

Inbuilt Superpowers We Already Have to Create Strong Relationships

4 Video Modules / 55+ Minutes of Coaching + Tasks

Let’s raise awareness about the results you can get in life by focussing your attention on an everyday phrase.

“Put yourself in someone else’s shoes”.

In this module, we introduce you to a model called “Perceptual Positions”. The model is simplicity in its purest form and can supercharge your relationship-building efforts. It all starts with a square, a circle, and a cylinder!

Run Time: 12:14 + Tasks

By the end of this module, you’ll have learned about something called “Ethical Influencing” and how using this concept is where true bonds come from.

It’s the polar opposite of manipulation.

Deliberate manipulators rarely build trust. Such people may get results in the short-term through coercion, intimidation, creating anxiety, and (seemingly) outsmarting other people but deliberate manipulation nearly always leads to poor results over time. What would you like? Long-term poor results or long-term great results? If the latter… then “Ethical Influencing” is the way forward.

Run Time: 13:06 + Tasks

We are all mind readers believe it or not? In this module, we explain how this happens and also the potential pitfalls associated with mind reading.

We then empower you with an alternative technique to use; one that can counteract the negative results we often get from poor mind-reading.

Knowing about mind-reading can raise your awareness about how to avoid it and can hugely benefit you when trying to bond and collaborate with other people.

Run Time: 14:51 + Tasks

We all have memories. But for most of us, they are just sitting there inside the old memory banks not really serving us in the way they can serve us.

Connecting with, appreciative and drawing upon our memories, or our past behaviour and the results we got, can provide us with “constructive tools” to change the here-and-now and the future.

Run Time: 15:21 + Tasks

Section Five

The Power of Questions & Answers

2 Video Modules / 55+ Minutes of Coaching + Tasks

We explore the transformational results by a) asking questions and b) knowing what questions to ask in the first place.

Asking great questions opens you up to hearing back… you guessed it… great answers. Deep answers. Revealing answers. “Validating” answers.

But also, by asking the right questions with another person, it can actually be one of the best ways in building a strong relationship - because asking the right question makes the other person feel “validated”.

Run Time: 15:37 + Tasks

By the end of this module, you’ll have an acknowledgment that listening could well be, potentially, the most important life skill to master.

However, equally, it’s potentially one of the hardest to become good at.

Listening. Sounds easy - but in this video, we pose the question: is the art of ‘proper’ listening very much under threat because of modern life?

Run Time: 10:10 + Tasks

Section Six

Game Changing Techniques to Change How People Relate to You

6 Video Modules / 84+ Minutes of Coaching + Tasks

In this module, we introduce you to 5-steps to get great results in life. More profit, more fun, more collaboration, more trust, more loyalty, more respect, etc.

The 5-steps you can use to build strong relationships.

Let’s introduce you to the section of the course which gives you the techniques you can use, right now, to forge stronger relationships.

Run Time: 9:23 + Tasks

Is this the one module that takes top priority over all the others in the entire course? It could be argued, yes!

Let’s empower you with three simple, everyday listening techniques.

Run Time: 17:38 + Tasks

You’ll learn that biology is on our side. Biology, and how human beings are biologically wired, helps us to connect at a deeper level with someone else.

Biology essentially helps us to empathise with other people. But we too can consciously do our bit as well, to help bolster this process.

And in this video, you find out how to use empathy to help ethically influence someone else and get what you both want. Results.

Run Time: 10:45 + Tasks

Without rapport, building trust is far more difficult.

Rapport is when people “click” and in this video, we introduce what it is, and then we break it down over the next few modules.

When you’re in rapport you can even disagree with another person yet still collaborate in the long term.

Run Time: 19:32 + Tasks

Words. The tone of voice. Body language. Three things that lie at the very core of building rapport. Three things that often, however, get “glossed over” in everyday life.

In this module, we bring our attention to these three elements and learn to appreciate their role in building rapport.

Run Time: 20:59 + Tasks

We deepen our knowledge from earlier modules here and give you techniques to use to build:

  • A strong container for psychological safety.
  • An approach to connect with someone else’s “core”.
  • An approach to get people to open up on their emotions, and watch the flood gates open.

This is the knowledge you don’t often get in relationship building courses and goes deep into the everyday techniques that can use to build, potentially, life-long trust.

Run Time: 8:26 + Tasks

Section Seven

How to Change the Behaviour of Another Person

3 Video Modules / 39+ Minutes of Coaching + Tasks

By the end of this module, you’ll have learned about the difference between pleasure and enjoyment.

Enjoyment is much more aligned with someone else’s calling in life and people in positions of authority, such as managers and leaders, can find out what gives the other people enjoyment. Then both you and that person can set out on a journey of mutual-discover, based around enjoyment so that you both ‘win’.

It’s one of the best ways of getting quick behavioural change in someone else. A must for any team leader.

Run Time: 15:10 + Tasks

By the end of this module, you’ll know what a leader needs to do to stop instilling fear, stress, and anxiety in the people who works with them.

We, therefore, look instead at trust and loyalty. And it’s all about taking baby steps every day as well as having “meaningful conversations” – I.e. not having the usual “corporate” conversations!

Run Time: 15:59 + Tasks

Congratulations. The last module in the course.

In this video, we leave you with one final exercise which might possibly be, arguably, the most important one to complete in the entire course.

Run Time: 8:08 + Tasks

Section Bonuses

Limited Time, Exclusive Bonus Videos

3 Video Modules / 32+ Minutes of Coaching + Tasks

7-Day Full Refund

7-Day Full Refund

We really want our courses to work for you, so we offer a FULL 7-day money back refund for those who feel it’s not quite right for them. So, what’s stopping you from starting your success today?

Lifetime Usage

Lifetime Usage

Once purchased, you have access to your Success This Way digital course assets for a lifetime. View the course on a laptop, tablet or phone, it can be by your side every step of your journey to success.

Mobile, Tablet & Desktop

Mobile, Tablet & Desktop

You can access all the Success This Way courses on ANY device, from smartphone and tablet to desktop and TV. Just take it with you and access the coaching modules and tasks whenever it suits you.