Success This Way - Meet Nik
Success This Way - Meet Nik

Meet Your Coach – Nik Moore

Nik Moore is a Trained & Certified Executive & Life Coach. Language & Behaviour (L.A.B.) Profile Practitioner, Multiple Brain Integration Technique (mBit) Coach & Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner.

No Clear Path / Direction?

Does Your Business Suffer From

No Clear Path / Direction?

Are you a manager, team leader or business owner who struggles with poor team motivation, whinging and even high staff turnover? Does your team “just not get” what you want?

Failing Goals & Profits?

Does Your Business Suffer From

Failing Goals & Profits?

Poorly motivated teams collaborate less, miss targets and quite simply, lose money. Lost opportunities and time-consuming firefighting all end up costing your business valuable income.

Unnecessary Stress?

Does Your Business Suffer From

Unnecessary Stress?

Snapping, judging and a lack of respect between colleagues causes everyone unneeded stress. How much time are you spending just “mopping up” the mess? This is not the way to succeed.

Motivated, Driven Leaders

Business Coaching Creates

Motivated & Driven Leaders

Understanding and creating great relationships with your co-workers and team members is the key to success in any business. Become a better leader and motivator and reap the rewards.

Smash Goals & Profits

Business Coaching Helps

Smash Goals & Profits

Invest in your skills to create agile, collaborative teams that drive themselves forward to achieve your goals. Every investment made here will multiply itself in profits and new opportunities.

Greater Wellbeing

Business Coaching Develops

Greater Wellbeing

Building better business relationships creates less friction between team members, less firefighting and tail-chasing and more wellbeing for everyone. Build a team that people want to be part of!

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Invest in Yourself & Your Team

Invest in Yourself & Your Team

Business coaching can be a catalyst for change. No one is beyond change and good leaders should always seek to evolve for the better. Change the trajectory of your future!

Learn to Listen, Motivate & Grow

Learn to Listen, Motivate & Grow

This Quick Wins course teaches the art of listening to others, asking great questions, engaging and connecting with people, and building your confidence as a leader.

How is The Coaching Delivered?

Interactive, Digital Coaching Modules

24 Video Modules & Tasks

24 Video Modules

Over 2 hours of clever, focused video modules designed to coach you at your own pace. View on a tv, laptop, tablet or phone at a time and location that suits your busy schedule.

Interactive Tasks

Interactive Tasks

Each module is accompanied by an interactive task. These tasks are specifically designed to accelerate your learning. You can choose to do them in your own time and repeat them as necessary.

Exclusive Facebook Community

Exclusive Facebook Community

Grouping together to inspire one another is all about bringing our collective energy into one space where we can share our stories and give back to others who are on the same learning journey.

What's in The Course?

Section Main

Business Coaching Quick Wins

21 Video Modules / 117+ Minutes of Coaching + Tasks

01 A Step-by-Step Process to Self-Fuelled Success

In this opening module, we introduce you to the course. We also introduce you to the concept of Business Coaching and we show you empirical evidence to prove the power of the coaching process.

Millions of people around the world benefit from Business Coaching each and every day. Finally, we hear from your lead trainer, Nik Moore, about just how coaching has helped him in his own life. Bringing results to him over the years; results that all came about thanks to the coaching process. And he now shares that knowledge with you.

Run Time: 6:47

02 How Coaching Takes on the Challenges of Life (& Gets Results)

In this module, you’ll discover what a V.U.C.A. world is and why knowing this can truly empower you to make mental “adjustments” in your own head regarding how much you fall “victim” to circumstances around you that you simply cannot control.

Accepting this puts you back in the driving seat in terms of your own life. And combining this acceptance with the coaching process can tackle, head-on, the challenges that life throws at us.

Run Time: 4:53 + Tasks

03 How to Give Your Dreams Legs!

In this module, we look at how coaching gives you a structure upon which to bring hope to life.

Coaching brings hope to life by giving your dreams legs. Turning a dream into reality essentially.

We also introduce you to the concept of coaching in detail in this video, some of the benefits associated with it, and the one main thing that coaching provides, growth!

Run Time: 4:50 + Tasks

04 Is Coaching for You? Yes, Yes & No!

Yes! Everyone is a suitable candidate for coaching.

Yes! If you follow the coaching process you will get change in your life.

No! Watch the video to find out!

Run Time: 4:34 + Tasks

05 Success = Latent Potential + Tuning Out of Your Inner Negative Voice

In this module, we “deconstruct” success and look at the component parts which are required to be in alignment in order for success to happen.

It all comes down to self-belief and how to hush that negative inner voice that we all have.

Run Time: 7:24 + Tasks

06 Coaching = Self Discovery + Action + Getting What You Want

In this module, we look at the building blocks of the coaching process and how it works.

Coaching is the process where you discover things about yourself, then we take that and put it into an action plan. Without action, there is no change.

But with action, this takes you towards the bringing to life of your goals and your dreams.

Run Time: 6:38 + Tasks

07 Using a Ladder to Get Out of the Hole You're In

Many people call themselves a coach whereas, in reality, they’re not. They’re consultants.

The coaching process, if delivered properly by a trained and qualified coach, sees the client getting themselves out of a hole all by themselves. If a coach gives the client a rope and pulls them out, that is not what a coach should be doing. And that’s what consultants do.

In this module, we explain what we mean by this metaphor.

Run Time: 5:45 + Tasks

08 The Generic Model of Coaching: How to Smash Goals & Get Success

A hugely exciting module here. We introduce you to the main framework for this course.

The Generic Model of Coaching.

Stick to it, follow it, and watch change happen in your life!

Run Time: 3:23

09 Success Always Starts With Self-Reflection

All change comes from looking inside yourself and reflecting on your life.

Seeing what works, what doesn’t what needs to be enhanced, and what needs to be changed.

In this module, we highlight the importance of self-reflection. Something that the human race sadly seems to have “tuned out of” mainly because we are all running around at a million miles an hour, all due to the pressures of frantic, modern-day living.

Run Time: 4:45 + Tasks

10 What Do You Want!

Here, we introduce you to quite possibly the most powerful question in the entire coaching industry.

What do you want?

And in this module we explain why it’s such a crucial question to ask; because the rest of the course sets out to empower you in terms of how to find the answers, and, even more importantly, what you need to do in order to get that thing, i.e. whatever it is that you want!

Run Time: 5:13 + Tasks

11 Values: The Fuel Driving Your Motivation

Values. These lie at the very core of who we are? In this module, we introduce you to why values are of huge significance to each and every one of us.

Because our values drive our behaviour, and our behaviour has a direct impact on the results we get in life.

Run Time: 6:31 + Tasks

12 How to Perform at Your Best. Play to Your Strengths!

We focus on strengths in this module. By the end of this module, you’ll be aware that playing to your strengths can be one of the most powerful techniques to use in pursuance of achieving your goals.

But what about how to address your weaknesses! That’s all about what you choose to do about them. All is explained in the next two modules.

Run Time: 4:46 + Tasks

13 Laying the Foundations to Success: Internal & External Resources

This video looks at what to do about addressing the areas in your life where you are less strong. Your weaknesses of areas of your life where you need to “fill the gaps”.

Do you develop yourself by upskilling, learning, and growing as an individual? Or equally, do you bring in resources from “outside of you” (e.g. other people, software, etc.) to help fill the gaps in terms of where you aren’t as strong.

Run Time: 7:27 + Tasks

14 What's Your Calling in Life? Let's Blow Your Mind!

Why are you here on this planet? If ever there was a tough question to answer!

In this module, we show you the significance of unearthing what your purpose here on this planet is. Simply discovering, exploring, and understanding what your calling in life is can dramatically affect the goals you subsequently go on to set yourself.

By the end of this module, for some people, you’ll see yourself potentially in a light that you may never have seen yourself in before.

Run Time: 8:41 + Tasks

15 It's Time to G.R.O.W. Success Made Simple. The G.R.O.W. Model

Learning outcomes from this module:

In the rest of this course we’ll be using, arguably, the most well-known coaching model. The famous G.R.O.W. model.

Goal Reality Options Way forward and When?

A super-simple model and, in the right hands, one of the most powerful ones and, in this module, you meet the model for the first time.

Run Time: 2:53 + Tasks

16 Goal Setting: Paint Your Picture of Success

Setting a goal is fine. But setting a goal with shape, form, meaning, texture, and significance, means it is far more likely to be brought to fruition.

In this module, we introduce you to step one in proper goal setting.

Run Time: 8:08 + Tasks

17 Reality: Crystal Clear Clarity on Where We Are Right Now

Your journey of self-reflection, growth, and development continues.

In this module we look at your “reality”, in other words, we use it as a “diagnostic tool” to look at your life as it currently is; in the status quo. It raises your awareness of where you are now, what you need to keep/build upon and what you need to change in order to get to your goal.

Run Time: 5:29 + Tasks

18 Options: Where the Magic Happens. What Are You Going to Do About It?

By the end of this module, you’ll have learned about possibly the most enjoyable step.

It’s where everything gets turned into an action plan; the step also where creativity is required.

What options do you have to make changes in order to get what you want drawing upon:

  • Your internal resources.
  • External resources.

Run Time: 4:33 + Tasks

19 Way Forward & When? What Specifically Are You Committing to Do & by When?

By the end of this module, you’ll be empowered with knowledge showing you just how crucial it is to set a deadline.

Action comes about by setting a deadline - and not setting a deadline often means that people never start the journey towards their goal.

Plus, as the saying goes “a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”, we also discuss how to get underway, by making small, daily actions all heading towards your definitive, clear goal.

Run Time: 5:00 + Tasks

20 Monitor Progress: Feel Your Success (or Not). Then What?

As the saying goes “what gets measured gets done”. A key stage in the Generic Model of Coaching. If you have previously completed our short course, you’ll appreciate the importance of the self-reflection documents.

It is in self-reflection where, very often, the “penny drops” and change happens. It’s the same with the Generic Model of Coaching. In this vital stage, you can work out what works and what doesn’t. Whatever works. Do more of it. What doesn’t? Make changes.

Run Time: 5:22 + Tasks

21 What Next? This Is Only the Start of Your New Empowered Future!

The final module in this course. In it, we introduce you to a powerful question to ask yourself which may lead you onto the next step in your journey.

“With whom are you going to do this?”.

Run Time: 4:01 + Tasks

Section Bonuses

Limited Time, Exclusive Bonus Videos

3 Video Modules / 20+ Minutes of Coaching + Tasks

BONUS 01 How to Discover What's Most Important to Your Life

We touched upon values earlier in the course and in this module we introduce you to the fantastic “Values Elicitation Model”.

A simple yet powerful tool that will elicit your top values.

Because once you know what they are, you get to know yourself better; including what motivates you.

When you understand this, you can then set about crafting a life where they get daily satisfaction. And when that happens, you start living a more fulfilling, happier, more motivating life….which makes achieving your goals so much easier.

Run Time: 6:08 + Tasks

BONUS 02 I can't... but we can!

We grow all thanks to other people. Yes, having a growth mindset is a personal commitment but with all growth, it’s all thanks to how we interact, collaborate, learn and grow with other people.

In this module, we introduce you to what is called the “Network Mapping Diagnostic Tool”. A great tool for you to fill in so that you can raise your awareness about who you need to invest more time into; in order to get you (i.e. both of you) what you want.

Run Time: 4:53 + Tasks

BONUS 03 Getting People to Do What You Want Them to Do!

Aren’t we all told that it’s the “carrot and stick” management style that works?


To get people doing what you want them to do, you have to be a great leader. Coercing, intimidating, bullying people into action will get people complying through anxiety and fear. That’s all. Instead, in this module, we introduce you to 5 simple steps to become a great leader. Enjoy this final bonus module!

Run Time: 9:58 + Tasks

7-Day Full Refund

7-Day Full Refund

We really want our courses to work for you, so we offer a FULL 7-day money back refund for those who feel it’s not quite right for them. So, what’s stopping you from starting your success today?

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Lifetime Usage

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Mobile, Tablet & Desktop

Mobile, Tablet & Desktop

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