Success This Way - FAQs

Each Success This Way course is easy to follow, but that’s not to say you might not have a few questions. So, we’ve created a little Q and A section to share the knowledge…

If you still have a question that needs answering, please do not hesitate to contact the Success This Way team.

Change the trajectory of your future! Welcome to Success This Way!

The Basics

How do the courses work? What format does they take?

The course consists of 70+ carefully planned, precisely executed, professionally filmed and edited training videos and tasks. We take you from the very start of the process right through to the end in small, easy-to-understand, bite-sized chunks which anyone can follow. You can view a full course overview here.

Who is Nik Moore? Why should I trust his coaching?

Nik Moore is a Trained & Certified Executive & Life Coach. Language & Behaviour (L.A.B.) Profile Practitioner, Multiple Brain Integration Technique (mBit) Coach & Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner. Read Nik’s coaching bio here.

Technical Stuff

Can I view a course on my phone / tablet as well as my laptop / desktop?

Yes. All our courses are designed to be accessible on all devices from phone and tablet to laptop, desktop and TV.

I've purchased a course. Where do I find the video modules?

All coaching modules are available to view in “The Classroom“, once you have purchased a course.

Upon purchase, you will receive an email with detailed instructions of how to access a course.

I've lost / forgotten my password?

Don’t worry, just click here to retrieve it.

What do you do with my data?

Our individual data is important to us all and we 100% respect that. We set out all the uses of your data and how you can access it in our Privacy Policy.

Need More Information?

I have a question to ask Nik, can I have his email address?

Nik would of course love to help every student on a one-to-one basis however, unfortunately, the realities of coaching are such that face-to-face coaching sessions typically last on average 2 hours per session. An effective coaching journey usually takes a minimum of 12 sessions. With the course having many clients it is unfortunately not practical for Nik to be available to deal with individual queries.

Coaching requires the coach to get to know the client and their personal story in an in-depth way before any coaching work can be started. Nik is however available for private coaching sessions, preferably face-to-face, or over a Skype call. Sessions start at £6,000 + VAT for 12 Skype call sessions, alternatively, the client can come to Nik’s offices for face-to-face coaching. Nik’s standard hourly rate for coaching is £250 + VAT (£300). P.O.A. for face-to-face sessions where Nik has to travel to visit the client.