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The devastation caused by taking your eye off the ball when it comes to your company’s culture

Former staff at Brewdog have alleged a “culture of fear” at the beer firm with a “toxic attitude” to junior employees – Read the full article on the BBC News website I find this article fascinating because of the 2 sides to the story. That of the workforce and that of the owners Taking the […]

“Want”: a powerful word to use as a leader

If, like me, you grew up with adults telling you “I want doesn’t get”, I look back and think now as a coach, I don’t necessarily agree. In fact in many circumstances “I want” actually often gets. As a parent myself now, I appreciate why adults said it. Like the picture above, “I want it […]

Stopping your talent from walking out of the door

Using Values to drive Employee Engagement and behaviour. Are you of an age where you remember how managers in the ’70s and ’80’s especially used to “know best” and applied the “command-and-control” management style? Thankfully it’s very different nowadays When I’m in coaching businesses, I often refer to the difference between “transactional” and “transformational”. Here […]

Do people leave a company because of their manager and stay because of best friends?

There are so many reasons why people leave a job. For a lot, however, it’s because their managers didn’t show that they cared enough. As an example of this, I was recently in a training session with about 15 people and my trainer asked the audience why people in the room left their last job. […]

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